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Register with My Online Safe

You have a choice of two membership packages to choose from – monthly or annually. Once you’ve decided which one is best for you, you’ll be clearly guided through the various categories that will enable you to record the important details of your life – from health to home, pets to loved ones, finances to insurances, and even final wishes.

“It was such a relief when I suddenly had to go to hospital that what Fido ate, his medication, what he liked to do and where he slept, were on MyOnlineSafe so that he could be looked after. Removed one of my biggest worries. Thank you!!!

Nominate friends and family

Carefully consider who you would want to step in on your behalf should the need arise, and discuss the proposal with those involved. You can, of course, specify what information each person in your chosen group will have access to: the friend or relative who looks after your pet may not be the one who can access your financial details, for example. You’ll be invited to click on the nomination tab to enter their contact details – and that’s it. Easy.

A simple way to store all life's important details.