How It Works

1. Sign up and put your life in a safe place

Simply sign up to MyOnlineSafe and decide if you prefer to pay monthly, annually or for a lifetime. Then go to the dashboard page where you will see categories to enter your information. Each category guides you to enter the important details of your life, health, home, finances, car, pets and wishes as well as a place to store any secrets! MyOnlineSafe guides you as to the most important information that will be useful when it's needed.

2. Nominate friends and family

Think about who you would want to step in on your behalf with all of this information and click on the nomination tab where you will be asked to enter name and email details for your family or friends that are chosen. 

You can specify what information each person will have access to so that you can limit the personal information that you share. For example the people who you would want to know about looking after your pet may be different to the people who can access your health and financial information. You decide and click accordinglyg. Easy.

3. Access your details from anywhere

MyOnlineSafe is available for use at home or on the go so that wherever your nominated friends are, they can see the information when you need them to. 

Keep Informed

Stay up to date with new My Online Safe features and tips, the latest personal data security news, and exclusive offers from our partners.